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Video Conference Flash Plugins

Video Conference Flash Plugins provides Flash/ActionScript 3 plugins that provide the minimum functionality for accessing a webcam and video - live or recorded - from a Flash Media Server such as OSflash Red5, FMS, or tape/rtmpy. The plugins take "FlashVars" parameters to control almost everything. They can be used to create video conferencing Web sites, video chat sites, or YouTube clones.

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  •  10 Aug 2008 19:12

Release Notes: receiveVideo has an experimental playback shuttle, which performs as badly as other flash playback shuttles on Linux (badly). Single-click on the position slider fails, but dragging works fine. It is released (as experimental) out of curiosity in case it works under Windows. Play/stop/pause/resume buttons have been added.

  •  06 Aug 2008 17:06

Release Notes: Volume controls have been added. receiveVideo now has the same toggle icons as vidpublish. vidpublish now works with audio only; no Webcam is required.

  •  05 Aug 2008 12:43

Release Notes: Checkboxes were removed and icons were added for audio and video toggling in vidpublish.


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Project Spotlight

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