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  •  10 Apr 2014 14:20

    Release Notes: All vestiges of the C/H/S user interface were removed.-l <blocks> is now used instead. LBA mode is forced for MBR on disk images. disklabel is now fed with the disktab file instead of formatted output. disktab is used for vnconfig to allow non-512 byte sector size for images. Alternate sector sizes are now accommodated in disklabel by scaling fsize. More assumptions of 512 byte sector size were removed.

    •  05 Apr 2014 22:57

      Release Notes: This release moves from mfs to tmpfs, creates a random seed on flash during image creation, and adds image copy and boot times for OpenBSD 5.5. It uses a 64-sector offset everywhere and updates the installboot arguments for OpenBSD 5.5. Partition sizes are now measured in megabytes instead of sectors.

      •  23 Sep 2013 23:02

        Release Notes: Script cleanup and bugfixes, keyboard encoding support, flashrdbuilder (which introduces a set of scripts to ease deployment and upgrade across multiple machines), and support for OpenBSD 5.4 and 5.4-current.

        •  30 Jan 2013 22:46

          Release Notes: This release adds easier "in-place" upgrades to new images, using onetime.tgz. Now you can just add one line to your rc.conf.local, rc.local, and/or rc.shutdown files which get unpacked from onetime.tgz. There's no hand-merging of any flashrd bootstrap or shutdown code during upgrade. This release adds consolidation of vardirs/tardirs variables and better explanation (built into rc.flashrd.sub) of what goes where.

          •  04 Jan 2013 21:45

            Release Notes: Many practical usability fixes, including better ability to find out what happened after a major failure. A lot of script cleanup, and better command line argument handling and TMPDIR support. Shrinks the ramdisk kernel significantly, using crunchgen, and by removing ancient ISA devices, (this is a workaround for reliability issues on certain i386 systems that exhibit failures with large kernels). Reliably detects errors when saving /var. Saving vnddirs (such as /var) is consistently successful (version 1.1).

            •  02 Sep 2012 11:32

              Release Notes: This release doesn't archive sockets, as this ruins the return value which it depends on from tar. OpenBSD 5.2 images are available.

              •  28 Aug 2012 06:59

                Release Notes: Extraneous information is no longer displayed during boot and disk root auto-detection.

                •  27 Aug 2012 21:57

                  Release Notes: The combination of disk autodetection with onboot.tgz allows you to use one openbsd.vnd image across a wide variety of machines while keeping local customizations available on each flash under separate cover. There is basically no reason to ever modify the vnd file or run cfgflashrd with this version of flashrd. bnx firmware has been added. A disk autodetection routine has been added that locates openbsd.vnd across sd3a, sd2a, sd1a, sd0a, wd3a, wd2a, wd1a, and wd0a in that order. Put /flash/onetime.tgz on the disk and the files inside it will be copied to openbsd.vnd upon boot (only once).

                  •  24 May 2012 00:04

                    Release Notes: This release raises NKPTP on i386 to 16 to allow larger ramdisks to work properly on MP kernels, sets NKL2_KIMG_ENTRIES to 16 on amd64 for the same on amd64, makes amd64 boot again with a fat ramdisk attached, and fixes Growimg.

                    •  22 May 2012 11:01

                      Release Notes: Important updates were made to properly support OpenBSD 5.1. In-kernel disk geometry is now always for real disks in growing. Otherwise, the kernel will complain if growimg supplies an alternate geometry. A newer elfrdsetroot was included, which allows cfgflashrd configuration of i386 images on an amd64 workstation (and vice versa).


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