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Flac-utils is a toolkit for managing FLAC files. Its primary usage is syncing metadata between sets of FLAC files. Flac-utils also provides a Python module called flac_compare that can be used separately. The utilitiy consist of three tools: flac-sync, which syncs a file tree of FLAC comments for files with the same audio-part; flac-diff, which compares two FLAC files' metadata information and shows the differences; and flac-add-picture, which adds album cover art to the files using Amazon.

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  •  17 Apr 2011 16:57

Release Notes: Support for adding album cover art to flac files was added. An issue with some relative paths in command line arguments was fixed.

  •  28 Mar 2011 00:09

    Release Notes: Bidirectional synchronization is now fully functional. It is possible to control the verbosity of the output. If the -v option is used more times, output becomes more verbose. A --copy-only-flac option has been introduced. A packaging dependency in Ubuntu/Debian packages has been fixed.


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