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  •  07 Apr 2013 16:13

    Release Notes: This release removes a dependency on TBB. It will supply and use FastFlow. It should run on non-intel hardware. Stack based messages. Framework pipelining control, which can result in significant improvements in performance. A persistence sequence number edit utility 'seqedit'. Bugfixes and code changes. Jira tickets have been fixed.

    •  23 Feb 2013 12:38

      Release Notes: Indexed file based message persistence is now the default. BerkeleyDB no longer required to build. A file which configure will use to generate fix8.spec was added. RPM and Deb binaries will now be released with each tagged release. Persistence and logfiles now use SessionIDs to create unique sessions. Server files are created on logon. Bugs were fixed.

      •  28 Jan 2013 22:20

        Release Notes: The big news here is performance. Testing shows that Fix8 is on average 29% faster at encoding/decoding the same message than Quickfix. Typical client NewOrderSingle encode latency is now 9.8µs, and ExecutionReport decode is 11.6µs.

        •  27 Dec 2012 11:19

          Release Notes: Support for clang (LLVM) compilation, and fixes for bugs that may have prevented users from executing performance tests.


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