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Version 0.7.6 of Fityk

Release Notes: erf and erfc functions were added. Session saving was improved. The user interface was enhanced.

Other releases

  •  07 Nov 2012 22:29

    Release Notes: Lua scripting has been improved. Problems with printing on Linux have been fixed. A new dialog has been added to the GUI (Configure > Default Directories).

    •  29 May 2012 00:53

      Release Notes: This release adds C, Ruby, and Java binding to the libfityk library and enhances the Lua and Python API. A new fitting method has been added, an implementation of the Levenberg-Marquard algorithm which uses the MPFIT library.

      •  30 Sep 2011 16:48

        Release Notes: A few minor bugs have been fixed. One new dialog (Model-Export Formula) has been added to the GUI.

        •  19 Jul 2011 14:50

          Release Notes: A Lua interpreter has been embedded in the program. It is possible to subtract a background stored in another file now. Support for mouse wheel and extra buttons has been added. All reported bugs have been fixed.

          •  10 Jun 2011 05:05

            Release Notes: A few minor bugs have been fixed.


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