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Fast IRC Stats Generator

Fast IRC Stats Generator (FISG) creates HTML pages with statistics about IRC logs. It has less features than some alternatives, but is much faster and can be run on low-end systems. It supports Irssi and Eggdrop log files.

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Release Notes: A null pointer dereference crash bug was fixed. The configuration system and parser were re-written and improved, fixes and improvements were made to the XHTML output module, and various minor features were added.

Release Notes: Numerous cosmetic bugs and some functionality bugs were fixed. XHTML output was improved and cleaned up. Several new features were added, including a "most referenced URLs"-list. Some of the changes affect output and may require users to update their configuration files and possible custom CSS style sheets. Some of the new features are only half-implemented.

  •  05 Oct 2003 00:55

Release Notes: This version fixes a problem with losing some user records due to error in linked list handling, and few minor memory leaks, found with a Valgrind check. It removes the obsolete "gen_auto_alias_nicks" option.

Release Notes: Some minor cleanups were done and new features added, including automatic nick-changes-following and highly experimental heuristic aliasing. A few bugs causing crashes with extremely short userlists were fixed.

  •  31 May 2003 15:29

Release Notes: Several bugs in the new parser engine were fixed. Some minor features were added, including an option to make "funny-stats" only from top-listed users. Documentation and example configurations were updated and improved.


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