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Version R5 v1.89 of FireHOL

Release Notes: This release adds the service eMule (for clients, servers, and routers), supporting the bi-directional socket environment required by the popular eDonkey network client.

Other releases

  •  31 Jul 2008 04:24

Release Notes: This version was updated to parse the latest format of the IANA reservations page. Support for custom actions for services was added. This opens a way to allow actions that can be controlled externally without restarting the firewall. Several minor issues were fixed, providing better NAT support for all services, handling for external pager commands, kernel config parsing, a config wizard, etc.

  •  22 May 2007 21:57

Release Notes: Minor updates were made for the latest IANA reservations. A cron job script was provided to notify the administrator when IANA reservations change.

Release Notes: This maintenance release mainly fixed kernel 2.6.20+ and BASH 3.2 issues and added support for external definitions of all IP address space definitions. All users are advised to upgrade to this release.

  •  30 Jan 2005 00:19

Release Notes: This version fixes issues with the security of the created temporary files.

  •  24 Jan 2005 22:04

Release Notes: This release fixed vulnerabilities where malicious local system users could use FireHOL's temporary files to overwrite arbitrary files on the system. All users are advised to update to this version. This release included new service definitions: ANYSTATELESS, TIMESTAMP, and DICT. A TRANSPARENT_PROXY helper was added. Support for knockd as an argument to the accept action was added.


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