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Firegate Server is a self-managing server operating system designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It securely connects offices to the Internet and to each other, protecting valuable electronic information. Office staff can surf the Web, send and receive email, host the company Web site, share files, host a customer database, and more. It is controlled through a simple Web browser or mobile telephone interface and managed by an artificial intelligence-based administration service.

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  •  25 Sep 2002 00:18

Release Notes: This version contains a new Linux kernel, which will be automatically installed on existing Firegate Server platforms with ANA Intelligent Management Services enabled.

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29 Oct 2002 11:33 davehsr2000 Thumbs up

I installed this Firegate the first time, not understaning Linux at all, and in less than 45 minutes it was up and running. Very Cool!
This product and the thought behind it makes it easy to install and manage. Since my first install I have installed over 20 more with the same success. We have clients with city to city VPN connections with MS Win2K Servers on each end sharing applications and data from Seattle to Atlanta. The new ANA product has made upgrades and adding of new modules effortless.
The modules include MySQL, PHP, PPTP, SMTP Autoreply, Web Mail, Tuto's Calendaring, UPS Monitoring, and more each day it seems.
This is great - you should try it even as a Linux guru you will like the ease of back up and restore, and html interface for management.

18 Sep 2002 01:58 dbritt Thumbs up

Firegate is Linux for the neophyte
I presently have four Firegate systems up and running. My oldest one has been running without a problem for over a year. I have little or no Linux Administration experience and do not wish to learn. I set up my last two system in less then one hour. This includes formatting the disk and installing the operating system, email, dns, php, mysql, samba and a really great firewall. I can add an email account in minutes and Firegate gets all of its updates automatically from a system they call ANA. The Firegate email system filters out all executable attachments and attaches to some list that helps it identify spam. My company is feels safe secure and very happy with Firegate.


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