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Release Notes: This sub-release introduces a number of retrospective fixes (backports) to bugs that became apparent and have been fixed in the Firebird 2 tree during the alpha and beta phases of Firebird 2.0 development.

Release Notes: The on-disk structure) has changed. If you have alpha databases, then they need to be backed up and restored to be used with this release. It contains a large number of new features, including derived tables, support for Execute Block, increased table sizes, new improved index code (the 252-byte index length limit is no longer applicable), expression indices, numerous optimiser improvements, enhanced security features, support for on-line incremental backups, and numerous other improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release introduces a number of retrospective fixes to bugs that became apparent and were fixed in the Firebird 2 tree during the pre-alpha and alpha phases of the Firebird 2 development.

Release Notes: Various bugs have been fixed , and code cleanup was done (Write Ahead Log relic).

  •  23 Jan 2005 08:10

Release Notes: Many fixes were made for this release. Blobs containing more than 65535 segments were not being backed up by GBAK properly. ISQL problems that were fixed include statement terminators and "--" comments that are no longer recognized in multi-line literals, and tab characters that are no longer translated to spaces in literal strings.

  •  17 Jul 2004 07:11

Release Notes: This release adds a charset improvement, allowing use of NONE as a fully transparent charset everywhere. It adds the config-driven ability to abort a server process in the case of bugchecks or structured exceptions (to produce a core dump). It fixes a QLI crash which occurred when variables were used, memory corruptions in the embedded DSQL API implementation, server crashes which occurred when views and selectable procedures were intermixed, a memory leak in isc_database_info(), and a problem with a system log overflow related to a missing aliases.conf.

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression that appeared in RC2 concerning usage of UDFs.

  •  08 Dec 2003 20:24

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  04 Jun 2003 16:46

Release Notes: In this release the artificial maximum index limit per table has been removed. The Service Manager api is now available to the commandline tools again. This was (un)fortunately the only bug known to be introduced by Firebird 1.0.2. An event handler bug was fixed. Some operating systems that supported multi-threading were using out of band notification for events, which would lead to occasional, hard-to-diagnose problems. SIGPIPE errors on *nix Super Server builds were being logged excessively. A couple of buffer overruns have been fixed.

Release Notes: NULLs are allowed in unique constraints and indices (SQL-99 spec). It's now possible to return values from the dynamic SQL. Various issues with events used on multihomed hosts have been fixed. It's possible to set up a definite port for event processing. A bug with an aggregate sub-query inside an IN clause has been fixed. The Services API is enabled for POSIX CS builds. Some resource leaks and problems with RECREATE VIEW have been fixed. The VIO undo log now uses a B+ tree to store savepoint record data. It improves performance when doing multiple updates of a record in a single transaction.


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