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  •  06 Feb 2009 15:03

Release Notes: This release adds new sample code and applications, an xHTML module that allows the creation of mobile browsers and GUIs based on xHTML, better javadoc, and a set of utility classes for logging, internationalization, and more.

  •  21 Jun 2007 11:12

Release Notes: This release has a few serious bugfixes and many minor improvements, and a new Component for displaying animations. A sizeChanged() bug fixed, a Motorola issue, a bug in setOrientation, a bug in editable row and text constraints, and other minor bugs (panel scrolling) have been fixed. Editable rows can have a fixed height. There is a Gauge improvement (requires less CPU). Full highlight when selected for Row and ListElement components. An improved appearence of the DateTimeRow component. A new Movie Component that can present nice animations.

  •  12 Feb 2007 10:55

Release Notes: Many additions and improvments in the theme. The theme Logo can now be set to the left, center, or right of the top border. Softkey commands (on the bottom border) have shortcuts displayed for easier navigation. Two landscape modes are supported. LoadScreen was renamed SplashScreen. Busy mode can now be set to be non-interactive, meaning that user input is not allowed while the busyMode is true. When the FireScreen is set to busy mode, it will replace the softkey commands with a pre-supplied cancel command. There are many bugfixes and performance improvments.


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