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Version 2.0.14 of fio

Release Notes: Autodetect features with a new configure script when building. Improve ETA for some workloads. Support for verify mode that requires no metadata, greatly reducing memory requirements for big device verify workloads. Ensures fsync is always done, even for direct/raw I/O (if asked to). Support for unified read/write/trim reporting. A few axmap and cpuclock bugfixes. Fixes zones and numjobs used together. Adds support for idle profiling, showing idle system CPU when running a workload. Various Windows fixes. FreeBSD now supports CPU affinities. Many other fixes; all users should upgrade.

    Other releases

    •  01 Apr 2014 01:26

      Release Notes: Adds support for explicit file appending. More accurate implementation of number_ios. Increases the job description field length. More accurate data compression settings. Windows build improvements. A SPARC64 SIGBUS bug has been fixed. Various little bugfixes and improvements.

      •  07 Mar 2014 00:57

        Release Notes: Full support for IPv6 for the net I/O engine. Windows threading fixes. Support for ranges in the 'startdelay' option. Adds rbd (rados block device) engine support. Various fixes for blktrace playback on Linux. Adds OpenBSD support. An option added to manually seed random generators. Various client/server fixes. A fix for a crash on some file locking options. Adds support for fast software-based xxhash, and support for testing checksum speeds. A fix for not always honoring the 'openfiles' setting. Support for setting policy on how to distribute CPUs set for jobs. Support for data retention testing with verify.

        •  19 Nov 2013 04:01

          Release Notes: Adds JSON output for client/server. A fix for Windows build breakage in the previous release. A fix for ioengine specific options. Adds support for O_ATOMIC atomic writes on Linux. A failsafe check for realloc() failure during logging. A fix for a Solaris thread problem. Various man page and documentation updates. A fix for a crash on PowerPC without the mfspr instruction.

          •  07 Aug 2013 20:04

            Release Notes: This release adds basic support for an ACT (aerospike) profile, fixes atomic write support, adds various parsing fixes, makes a big revamp of the included graphing support, makes the IOPS log includes bandwidth, adds support for specific randomness settings for both reads and writes, adds support for random vs. sequential blocksize settings, fixes a potential verification failure, and adds multicast support for the net ioengine.

            •  15 May 2013 21:56

              Release Notes: Integration of the gfio GTK frontend. Better Android integration. The initial file fill honors data compression settings. An option for controlling randomness of I/O (percentage_random) instead of being fully random or fully sequential. Fixes a bug in uneven pattern sizes for verification. Various other important fixes.


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