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09 Sep 2011 09:30 vjacheslav

Thank you for this great job!

It will be nice to add jobs synchronization feature.
Reading data from HDD is much faster than writing so reading jobs could be finished sooner.
But I am interesting in performance measure in case of both jobs are running simultaneously.
Cause measuring writing performance after reading jobs finished could lead to incorrect results.

01 Sep 2011 20:48 venunayar


I am trying to modify fio to run smart data monitoring on SSDs during a run. Currently, all IO happens through a ioengine. Would it break the model if I just directly talked to the SG driver during the run, assuming I am not concerned about the IOs stalling?


11 Dec 2009 15:58 axboe

Chris, by all means, I'm interested in widening the scope of platform support. So please send it to me (, thanks.


11 Dec 2009 03:31 cjdwoodbury

I work with Steve who wrote the comment on May 7, 2009.
We have ported fio version 1.31 to Mac OS 10.6.
If you guys are interested in taking our code, i.e.
we have added some files, a few routines and so forth
to make it work, let me know and i can get a tar ball
of what we have so you can take a peak and it would be good
if you guys could maintain it.....we certainly would be more
then willing to take any future versions you guys make
for Mac OS 10.6 and test it for you......since as Steve says, we find
it very useful.


13 Nov 2009 15:10 bplein

Did the project ever get the OSX modifications that were mentioned back in July?

18 May 2009 06:47 axboe

Hi Steve,

That's a good suggestion, I'll add that feature. I would appreciate if you would send me your modifications to make it work on OS X, so I can integrate that as well!


07 May 2009 15:30 svmodica

FIO is a great tool. I've been using it to help certify storage for realtime
operation on Macs (we ported it over to Mac OS X).
The latency log would be much more useful if it filled in the IO size along with
the block number. When I'm doing latency testing, I usually sort the output to
get an idea of the worst case IOs during the run. Because the latency log only
lists block numbers, I have to know the previous block number so I can do the
math to see how big the actual IO was. If it was logged in the file, I could
sort and not have to worry about the ordering. (I hope that makes sense)


07 Apr 2009 10:26 axboe

On Linux, using posix aio will not utilize the native linux aio. You need to use libaio for that.

19 Mar 2009 23:01 klipsil

what is the status of posix aio .
does linking with glibc utilizes the native linux aio ? or do i need to use libaio ?


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