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Finomaton lets you comfortably draw and typeset finite state machines (automata) and similar graphs. The resulting graphs are exported to plain MetaPost and can be included in TeX and LaTeX documents for excellent typesetting quality. States are magnetic to facilitate connection, and any TeX command can be embedded in the labels of states and lines.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jun 2007 17:44

    Release Notes: Control point interpolation and some smaller improvements.

    •  16 Jul 2006 14:49

      Release Notes: Spread functions, more keyboard shortcuts, and rudimentary support for exporting directed graphs were added.

      •  09 Oct 2003 18:45

        Release Notes: A batch mode was added to convert a set of files non-interactively. The main canvas is now scrollable. A comment, the author's name, and verbatim TeX commands can be added to files. The length and breadth of MetaPost arrowheads can now be adjusted. Mouse coordinates are displayed on-screen, selection handling has been improved, and the MetaPost export file name is now remembered. No more redundant data is saved or exported, and some smaller corrections and improvements were implemented.

        •  10 Sep 2003 07:39

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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