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Release Notes: The transitional 10.4 tree has been created. The main package manager now features some more automation. Binary packages can now be auto-rescanned after being built. Some more adjustments and improvements were made to ensure upgrade paths between 10.3 and 10.4. This release should be 99% Tiger ready.

Release Notes: Automatic resolving of shared library dependancies was added. Major updates and enhancements were made in preparation for the Tiger release. More improvements were made to the new notification systems. Some of the tests were updated.

Release Notes: This CVS snapshot features massive improvements to the binary build option statisfaction code. It updates a lot of packages, specifically most GNU-supplied crypto packages. All LISP packages are up to speed, and more revision control systems have been added as packages.

Release Notes: The main package manager was released at 0.23.2. Various bugfixes were applied, and satisfying compilation dependencies by downloading prebuilt binaries was improved. Updates were made to key packages, and testing for 10.4 has begun.

Release Notes: Package manager version 0.23.0 has been released. This includes a new option to satisfy dependencies of a source install from binary packages whenever that is possible. Some beautification of prompts, bugfixes, and massive package updates were done. The user will now be warned when trying to build a package that would trigger the known C++ bug in Apple's current compiler.

Release Notes: This release included better support for variants and Conditionals in the ConfigureParams and other fields. A rsync self-update bug was fixed, many code cleanups were made, and faster validation parsing was implemented. Bugs in the fink tool were fixed and it was upgraded to version 0.22.1. Many packages were cleaned up and updated to latest versions.

Release Notes: Fixes for XCode 1.5 cctools recognition. Package manager updates and validator fixes. Various bugfixes and security updates to critical packages.

Release Notes: Parser enhancements and fixes were made to the validation engine in fink itself. Some high profile packages have been updated, including most Common LISP implementations. Minor feature enhancements were made. Further preparations were made for the next Mac OS X major OS release.

Release Notes: Virtual packages are now handled differently. This should enable users to see what is missing and where to get the missing files. Changes to the mirror system to make it more flexible in the future have been merged into HEAD as well. There were various package cleanups and new packages have been added.

Release Notes: The package manager is now at version 0.20.6. Support for default_scripts has been improved. More packages have been moved to stable. More preparations have been made for the upcoming binary distribution. Bugfixes have been made in the 0_20 branch.


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A Java localization library.


Project Spotlight


A scientific computation and visualization environment.