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Version 0.7.1 CVS_SNAP-20041111 of Fink

Release Notes: The main package manager was released at 0.23.2. Various bugfixes were applied, and satisfying compilation dependencies by downloading prebuilt binaries was improved. Updates were made to key packages, and testing for 10.4 has begun.

Other releases

Release Notes: Almost 1700 binary packages are available for the Intel platform. Support status has been raised to Beta. Numerous fixes were made to support scientific packages.

Release Notes: More than 1900 binary packages are now offered. The package manager has been altered to better deal with exceptional circumstances in relationship handling. Better support for XCode 2.3 and numerous small changes were included.

Release Notes: The transitional 10.4 tree has been created. The main package manager now features some more automation. Binary packages can now be auto-rescanned after being built. Some more adjustments and improvements were made to ensure upgrade paths between 10.3 and 10.4. This release should be 99% Tiger ready.

Release Notes: Automatic resolving of shared library dependancies was added. Major updates and enhancements were made in preparation for the Tiger release. More improvements were made to the new notification systems. Some of the tests were updated.

Release Notes: This CVS snapshot features massive improvements to the binary build option statisfaction code. It updates a lot of packages, specifically most GNU-supplied crypto packages. All LISP packages are up to speed, and more revision control systems have been added as packages.


Project Spotlight


A style and grammar checker for English, Polish, German, and other languages


Project Spotlight


A tool that finds "orphaned" RPM packages.