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Finit is a small SysV init replacement with process supervision similar to that of daemontools and runit. Its focus is on small and embedded GNU/Linux systems, although it is fully functional on standard server and desktop installations. Finit is fast because it starts services in parallel; it then supervises and automatically restarts them if they fail. This can be extended upon with custom callbacks for all services, hooks into the boot process, or plugins to extend the functionality and adapt Finit to your needs. Finit is not only fast, it’s arguably one of the easiest to get started with. A complete system can be booted with one simple configuration file.

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News in Finit v1.8 12 Jul 2013

Let’s start off with tasks. Tasks are one-shot commands, with a syntax like service directives, but are not monitored and respawned like services. ...

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  •  21 Apr 2014 22:03

Release Notes: This is a minor bug fix release, but with added support for include directives in .conf files.

  •  07 Jun 2013 23:49

Release Notes: This release adds support for multiple runlevels, with a dedicated bootstrap level, one-shot tasks (in parallel or sequence), and multiple TTYs.

  •  08 Oct 2012 19:35

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It cleans up the recorded PID of a service when it is lost (needed by callbacks). It fixes a segfault when parsing the new runparts directive in finit.conf (tried to free a static string).

  •  06 Oct 2012 22:26

Release Notes: This release supports a new "runparts DIR" in finit.conf, prevents endless restarting of non-existing services in finit.conf, and supports sysvinit-style start-stop scripts in /etc/finit.d/. As a security fix, it doesn't start services which don't start with a slash.

  •  03 Oct 2012 23:28

Release Notes: The last piece of the big puzzle, a plugin resolver, has been added, capable of sysvinit-style dependency handling.


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