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Cluster Installation Finishing Scripts

The Finishing Scripts for Cluster Installations handle specific post-installation configuration that might not be convienent nor possible using existing cluster installation methods. The usual installation process is used to build a reasonably configured node, and the system then reboots into normal mode, achieves network visibility, and executes the finishing script. The finishing script handles all of the finer details of installing packaged or non-packaged software, tweaking installation, setting host/net specific parameters/files, etc. It is controlled via a single, easily modified script.


Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2004 00:30

    Release Notes: Minor bugs in the build Makefile have been fixed. The default NFS server host has been changed to

    •  31 Oct 2003 04:35

      Release Notes: A supurious "s" was removed. More scripts were added in the finishing.d directory to handle a variety of post-installation needs. Most are free standing, though one script depends upon ifinfo.

      •  07 Oct 2003 20:20

        Release Notes: Significant changes, as RPMs are not directly distributed. An environment that greatly simplifies the building and customization of the RPMs has been created. This allows you to completely customize the server host, the mount point, and the network and netmask for the server, and compute node RPMs. The build script handles all the details of building the RPMs, after asking you 4 questions. The defaults are reasonable for cluster distributions such as ROCKS, though these scripts should work on any RPM-based distribution used for clusters.

        •  19 Dec 2002 04:03

          Release Notes: The run script now executes all the scripts in a directory, rather than being a monolithic script with all the functionality within it. This allows for a finer grain control over the process. All the finishing scripts are located in /opt/finishing/finishing.d . A new executable was added to that directory will include it in the finishing script processing. Logging has been vastly improved. The run script itself has been rewritten in Perl, to prepare for future enhancements.

          •  15 Oct 2002 17:34

            Release Notes: The finishing script description page was finished.


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