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FilterProxy is a Perl script that acts as a generic Web proxy. It is unique in that it allows you to install modules that can perform arbitrary transformations on HTML (or any other MIME-type) and HTTP headers. It filters ads by stripping HTML from the page, anonymizes requests by removing Referer and User-Agent headers, compresses HTML content, and de-animates animated gifs. Configuration is done via Web-based forms or editing a Perl data structure.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Jan 2002 19:28

    Release Notes: Parse::ePerl has been replaced with HTML::Mason for serving config files. The "show filtering" functionality marks up the source for a page, showing what was modified. A new XSLT module transforms HTML using an XSL stylesheet. There are some rule updates, basic authentication has been fixed, and there are some bugfixes.

    •  14 Mar 2001 05:56

      Release Notes: More powerful/intuitive Rewrite syntax including "qualifying predicates" such as 'inside' and 'containing' to require a particular relationship among tag matches, new matchers ('attrib' matches a single attribute in a tag so that it may be rewritten, 'encloser' to grab a block that encloses the initial match, 'tagblock' grabs an entire block, 'balanced' adds in balanced tags, and 'alternate' adds in noscript blocks to script blocks), HTTP protocol fixes, more helpful error messages from Rewrite, and a fix for the Rewrite hang on YAHOO rule.

      •  11 Feb 2001 21:46

        Release Notes: A fix for the SEGV bug, accepting connections from only localhost, nameless Rewrite rules now work properly, documentation updates, and a proper implementation of TE/Transfer-Encoding.

        •  17 Dec 2000 16:34

          Release Notes: The HTTP/1.1 implementation is more strict (chunked encoding). An experimental 'Transfer-Encoding: gzip' was added. The program is now compatible with Konqueror, StarOffice, Mozilla, Galeon, and Netscape. Numerous bug fixes were made.

          •  28 Oct 2000 07:35

            Release Notes: A new module de-animates animated GIFs, basic proxy authentication, and numerous ad-filtering rule updates.

            Recent comments

            20 Mar 2000 03:28 rcunning

            Nifty Now, Getting Great!
            This script is by far the easiest way I've ever seen to eliminate banner ads, and that is only one of the first features this package supports.

            Development is proceeding at a blinding pace, and the author has been more than receptive to my occasional comments.

            The future for this script is actually that of a full-blown platform for processing and massaging network data on the fly, complete with a Web interface for configuration and management. A modularized expansion interface already exists, and is evolving rapidly toward maturity.

            Get it, play with it. For what it already does, it is amazingly small. But be warned: You will need a fairly large perl installation to make this script happy, so be prepared for some visits to your local CPAN mirror.



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