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25 Jul 2013 08:22 tom4business

I would like to know the new email too!

12 Jul 2004 20:09 trejkaz

Re: Maintainer?
The addresses I'm sending from are and, but the ISPs are and (the former being probably the biggest ISP in the country,) respectively.

BTW, sorry to clog up your FM comments, but since there's no other way to send messages... :-/

12 Jul 2004 18:18 trejkaz

Re: Maintainer?
If it's not a bounce, then it's doing a good job of looking like one.

(reason: 554 : Client host rejected: Access denied due to mail system abuse)

I'm getting the same error from multiple mail providers on my end, so how are the other messages getting through? In any case do you have a secondary email address?

12 Jul 2004 16:33 trejkaz

I know Christos is supposed to be the maintainer and everything, but if his email bounces everything which is sent to it, how is he to be contacted?


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