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FlightGear Scenery Designer

FlightGear Scenery Designer is an interactive scenery designer/builder for the FlightGear flight simulator project. The user will be able to import map data, draw hypsographic curves, specify land use area, edit taxiway path, and place 3D objects like buildings.

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  •  25 Jun 2005 13:56

Release Notes: This maintenance release now permits you to save and undo material changes. Several shortcuts were added to speed operations, such as a new "repeat material change" option. A crash which occurred when loading a tile with no terrain has been eliminated. Refresh bugs in the object library window are gone. Several enhancements from the next 0.4 branch have been backported.

  •  11 May 2005 02:58

Release Notes: The biggest change in this release is the switch from GTS to CGAL for computational geometry to achieve better reliability. Some work has also been put on map fragments to allow arbitrary, polygonal, image boundary, and to offer USGS image download from terraserver-usa servers. Usability enhancements are also there, including a more versatile export dialog.

  •  20 Sep 2004 15:37

Release Notes: This release is intended to follow recent changes made to the FlightGear project: API changes in SimGear, a new scenery layout, and shared objects. Multiple path and Terrain subfolders are now fully supported. Several bugs have been fixed and GTS 0.7.2 is now required.

  •  21 Feb 2004 07:17

Release Notes: This is a major rewrite to drop the dependency on the unstable fltk 2. fltk 1.1.4 is now required. New features include UTM support and the ability to manually change face material.

  •  02 May 2003 10:35

Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed. FlightGear sceneries can be imported by choosing the corresponding tile files. FlightGear can be started from the location indicated by the mouse.


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