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fgetty is derived from mingetty but hacked until it would link against diet libc to produce the smallest memory footprint possible for a simple yet complete getty.

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  •  11 Sep 2001 16:58

Release Notes: Turning echo off before executing login, adding users to group "console" if it's there, and accepting passwords longer than 8 characters for MD5 passwords.

  •  15 Aug 2001 14:26

Release Notes: This release includes gplv2 to make Debian people happy.

  •  06 Jun 2001 18:57

Release Notes: login2 would not let you log in when you didn't have /etc/motd; this is now fixed.

  •  01 Jun 2001 01:51

Release Notes: fgetty now comes with a checkpassword with /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow support. Also, the checkpassword API (and login2) is augmented so that your TTY now actually belongs to you after you log in.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: A checkpassword based login implementation has been added to allow the replacement of the password encryption routine on the fly without touching libc or login.

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    25 Dec 2000 04:16 thefreek

    USE IT
    It is just fine, very usable, small - what does anybody want more?
    Also get the checkpasswd (a link on the home) and use the supplied login replacing your login -- and free about 900k (login stays in RAM until you logout - thanks to SUN bloatware PAM).


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