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fftv is a TV viewer for use with TV cards and Video for Linux. It also features a radio user interface. It can support recording of various formats and codecs including MPEG, AVI, and Ogg. It supports remote control if LIRC is installed. It supports scheduled power-on/off recording/reminding if tcron is installed.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jan 2006 18:57

    Release Notes: Some changes in putenv() caused ffrecord to fail. Now ffrecord uses setenv() instead. Desktop stay-on-top works again in Gnome 2.10, but it has a sid effect: it cannot accept keyboard input. there is a gcc 4.x compilation fix.

    •  11 Feb 2005 12:06

      Release Notes: This release features bugfixes in the user interface of scheduled recording, core dumping with error messages like "GtkEntry - did not receive focus-out-event", and bugfixes for when adding a new entry where the recording volume was not initialized. This version also now uses GNOME's stock buttons where possible.

      •  05 Nov 2004 10:31

        Release Notes: The problem of too many keystrokes from LIRC remote control has been fixed. It is now possible to specify the master sound volume for scheduled recording. NTSCjp, PAL_M, PAL_N, and PAL_Nc have been added to the TV standard config. The space key can now be used to return to the last channel.

        •  10 Aug 2004 11:45

          Release Notes: fftv now uses v4l2 if it is available. A bug was fixed in the option for TV desktop to display back border cropping. "Window decorated" and "override-redirect" options were added for TV desktop.

          •  01 Jun 2004 17:18

            Release Notes: An RPM is now available. Some enhancements to the TV desktop option are added.


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