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Version 20090707 of F*EX


Release Notes: fexsend has auto-reconnect after link failure. There is a new CGI for authorization by mailman user/password (linking mailman mailing lists with file exchange). UTF-8 and Windows Vista support have been improved, there are many bugfixes.

Other releases

Release Notes: Multiple downloads from the same IP are now possible. There is a resend notification function for user and admin. The admin can force a disclaimer to be added to every notification email. The notification email can be sent encrypted. The FAQ has a new (better) design and has been extended. Several small bugs have been fixed.

  •  01 Jun 2013 23:34

    Release Notes: Support for fexmail has been added. This postfix filter allows sending email messages with attachments of any size from any email client without using the Web interface. Clients for anonymous usage have been added. Most importantly, many small bugs have been fixed.

    Release Notes: A user can now forward a file directly from incoming spool to other recipients. A new CAPTIVE mode has been added: if set, a user must not change his settings anymore. Name based virtual hosts are now possible: you can run several servers on the same IP and port, but with different hostnames. Several small bugs have been fixed.

    Release Notes: The licence has changed from the AGPL to Perl Artistic. When no SMTP is available, the server can be configured to "no mails at all" mode. A VirtualBox VM is available to run the server on Windows. An optional "anonymous upload" has been added for local users who are identified by their IP addresses. Anonymous usage is available via the Web interface and the new afex script, which offers very easy file transfer, especially for administrative accounts. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

    Release Notes: This release fixes a security problem with JavaScript cross-site scripting, adds a French localization, changes the license from GPL to AGPL, gives the admin the ability to allow "anonymous upload", and fixes several small bugs.


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    Virtual server management software.


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    A PostgreSQL performance monitoring and auditing tool.