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  •  30 Aug 2012 07:14

Release Notes: This version brings new features, some bugfixes, and numerous interface improvements. AVCHD (.mts) video is now usable. A deinterlace filter for videos was added. A third display mode was added, with a multimedia file browser in the main window. Multiple selection of slides is now possible in the main window, with options for editing multiple selections. Progress bars are now displayed during long processing tasks.

  •  04 Dec 2011 20:56

Release Notes: Improvements in the quality of videos produced by the addition of image smoothing. Improvements in the performance of video rendering. Introduction of style sheets. Reorganization and redesign of dialogs to simplify the understanding and handling of the software. The addition of new keyboard and mouse shortcuts. The addition of numerous new options, in particular for the video rendering and configuration of the software. Introduction of a memory management system based on LuLo to allow it to work on small configurations. Many bugfixes.

  •  26 Aug 2011 21:22

Release Notes: This release contains speed improvements for preview and rendering of videos (from 15% to 50% faster), some bugfixes, the last part of the English documentation, and new keyboard shortcuts.

  •  05 Aug 2011 22:12

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the video player of the edit video dialog, an issue with the French translation, and a problem with reading some Ogg Vorbis files. Initial corrections have been made to the English documentation. New rendering video profiles for Daily Motion and YouTube. Online publishing of a portable version of ffDiaporama for Framakey.


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