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Ferret is a copy-detection tool, locating duplicate text or code in multiple text documents or source files. It is designed to detect copying (collusion) within a given set of files. Ferret is useful for document analysis, tracking changes to or reuse of text in documents; for software developers, looking for duplicate code to refactor; in software evolution, studying how code has changed over time; for teachers, looking for collusion or plagiarism in student work; and for tracking the amount of new material in the current version of a text or program.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Mar 2013 09:14

    Release Notes: Additional functionality to select 'template material' alongside the files to be compared, with options to view or exclude template material in similarity comparisons and displays. A table of 'engagement' measures the amount of overlap with template material. Ferret now recognizes more programming languages, including ActionScript, Lua, and PHP.

    •  09 Feb 2013 10:56

      Release Notes: "Drag and drop" of files onto the Select Files dialog, and use of folders/directories. An option to treat files as groups and to do analysis by group or by individual file. Document comparisons have been enhanced to show in red trigrams shared only by the two compared documents, and blue for copying in common with other files. Similarities may be computed based on unique copying. A new table for the number of trigrams unique to each file or group, providing a measure of originality. Support for many more programming languages, with appropriate tokenization for each language.


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