Version 4.1.5 of FeResPost

Release Notes: Correction of a few bugs. Addition of methods for reading Nastran SOL200 results.

Other releases

  •  02 Feb 2014 15:07

Release Notes: This release fixes a few bugs that sometimes led to severe segmentation faults.

  •  04 Jan 2014 11:56

Release Notes: Reading of Nastran 64bits OP2 files is now possible. A "check" button was added to the Excel post-processing project with the FeResPost Excel COM component.

Release Notes: Modification of the reading of non-linear results from Nastran OP2 and XDB files. Reading of CQUADR and CTRIAR results from XDB files. Various features have been added and bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Correction of a bug in the reading of Nastran BDF files (some real values were not read). Addition of methods for the conversion of Result layer ID, and the conversion of vectors in COM component. Modification of "postXdbRandom.xls" and "postDesFacRandom.xls" examples.

  •  18 Aug 2013 11:54

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the reading of XDB Nastran Result files. Among other things, it is now again possible to access XDB files larger than 2Gb.


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