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feed2wmmenu is a tool to generate X11 window manager menus from RSS, ATOM, or other news feeds. It was inspired by "fvwm-menu-headlines", which generates static refreshed FVWM menus from RSS or other kinds of news feeds. The drawback of the FVWM related script is the use of simple regular expressions. feed2wmmenu polls the feeds using curl, utilizing the Last-Modified header so that the feeds are potentially not fetched if they didn't change since the last poll. It produces diverse output formats by using corresponding XSLT stylesheets.

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  •  21 Mar 2011 20:50

Release Notes: This is a working version that produces FVWM menus statically as well as dynamically. The make system produces OpenSuSE-related RPMs as well as Debian deb files (but older versions. Nonetheless, they are installable.)


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