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389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server) is a full-featured LDAPv3 compliant server. In addition to the standard LDAPv3 operations, it supports multi-master replication, fully online configuration and administration, chaining, virtual attributes, access control directives in the data, Virtual List View, server-side sorting, SASL, TLS/SSL, and many other features. The transactional Berkeley DB 4.2 is used as its data store and a full plug-in API allows developers to extend the the functionality of the server in many ways, and many of the core features of the server are already implemented using this API. The server is very mature, having started out as Netscape Directory Server.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2013 22:58

Release Notes: This release fixes CVE-2013-4485.

  •  01 Aug 2013 23:28

Release Notes: Several new features and many bugfixes.

  •  01 Aug 2013 23:28

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, primarily for EL6 platforms.

  •  25 Sep 2012 21:56

Release Notes: More bugfixes: CLEANALLRUV, userpassword and schema reload, others.

  •  06 Sep 2012 15:27

Release Notes: CLEANALLRUV was improved. Windows Sync now supports POSIX attributes.

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07 May 2009 15:12 richm31415 Thumbs up

The Fedora Directory Server Project is now called "389". The details are here:


The new project website is (which is currently just an alias for

The new IRC channel is #389

We have created aliases for the mailing lists - so 389-users, 389-announce, etc.

We're still in the process of rebranding, re-skinning the web site, etc. In the coming weeks you will see new packages with the 389 branding.

Everything else is the same - the team, our mission, only the name has changed. We apologize if this change is disconcerting to some of you, we thank your for your support, and we hope to continue to make the 389 project a success.


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