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Fedora Digital Object Repository

The Fedora software is based on an architecture known as FEDORA (Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture). The software takes advantage of distributed (or local) Web services, and makes representations of objects (called disseminations) available via HTTP. It is particularly good at handling complex digital objects where source datastreams and behaviors are distributed. There are two binary distributions (server and client), and a source distribution (including all libraries and source code needed to build any distribution).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jan 2007 13:42

    Release Notes: This is a significant release of Fedora that includes a complete repackaging as a proper Web application. A new installer application makes it easy to setup and run. It now uses Servlet Filters for authentication. The Fedora repository can also be configured to calculate and store checksums for content. The RDF-based Resource Index has been tuned for better performance. A new high-performing RDBMS-backed triplestore has been developed that can now be plugged into the RI.

    •  22 Dec 2003 21:31

      Release Notes: This release contains a number of significant new features, including content versioning, the complete implementation of the Fedora Management interface, and major additions to the Fedora Administrator client to enable object creation and editing. With the advent of content versioning, the Fedora Access interfaces now support date-time stamped requests, so that a client can "go back in time" and see a digital object as it looked in the past. Additionally, this release provides a migration utility for mass export and mass ingestion of objects from either directories or other repositories.

      •  12 Aug 2003 12:36

        Release Notes: Fedora 1.1 provides fixes for several bugs that were detected by users of Fedora 1.0. A new API method ("describeRepository") that enables a client to obtain information about the repository server was added. Instructions on using Oracle 9i on the backend are also provided. This release is backward compatible with Fedora 1.0, with the exception of the Fedora server configuration file. If you are upgrading from Fedora 1.0, you will need to enter your configuration values from the old Fedora 1.0 configuration file into the new configuration file provided with Fedora 1.1.

        •  20 May 2003 03:09

          Release Notes: This first release supports the creation of digital object in METS XML format, a basic fielded search, a GUI client for performing admin functions (including a batch ingest utility), an OAI-PMH2 interface for exposing object's Dublin Core records to OAI harvesters, and the ability to use distributed (or local) REST-style web services. In addition, the repository is exposed to clients using pure HTTP, and to administrators using SOAP over HTTP. It comes with all the software (except JDK1.4) you need to start a repository and run the demonstration object's methods (disseminators).


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