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FECpp is a C++ library implementing a fast forward error correction code, sometimes also called an erasure code. These codes are used to split input data into a set of n shares, with the property that if any subset of at least k shares survives, the original data can be recovered by the decoder. The number of share losses the code will tolerate can be parameterized during encoding, allowing the code to be adapted to to a variety of loss scenarios. FECpp is bit-for-bit compatible with several other FEC libraries.


Recent releases

  •  12 Mar 2010 17:23

    Release Notes: A Python wrapper (using Boost.Python) is now included, as are several example and test programs written in Python. A bug that caused some decoded shares to be emitted more than once has been fixed.

    •  20 Jan 2009 21:38

      Release Notes: First public release. SSE2 is used to accelerate GF(2^8) arithmetic operations, which on x86-64 processors is about twice as fast as using the typical table-lookup implementation.


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