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Feather Linux

Feather Linux is a Linux distribution based on Knoppix 3.4 that can fit on a Mini-CD or on a 128 MB USB pen drive. It aims to have a wide range of applications for desktop, rescue, and administration uses.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jul 2005 00:44

    Release Notes: The hard drive installation script has been tweaked, and Firefox and Gaim have been updated.

    •  04 Mar 2005 22:13

      Release Notes: Rhapsody, didiwiki, xfsprogs, torsmo, gnupod, GRUB, and several Perl modules were added. Sylpheed replaced Thunderbird, Vim replaced zile and nvi, and emelfm replaced emelfm2. Ruby and XPaint were removed, and many packages were updated. Some small changes to the HD install script and rm-dpkg were made, and Kismet configuration files are now writable from the CD. A new experimental HD install script was also added.

      •  13 Feb 2005 11:44

        Release Notes: The kernel was upgraded to version 2.4.27, thus incorporating SATA support, and various kernel modules and wireless drivers were updated. FreeNX, John the Ripper, kismet, Tcl 8.4, qemu, abcde, screen, the paketto package, and macchanger were added. The Monkey webserver was updated to version 0.9.0, and software for STV0680B-based digital cameras was added.

        •  30 Jan 2005 15:54

          Release Notes: Feather is now around 115 Mb. Mtools, emelfm2, vncdec, elhttp, quagga, ion2, and Captive NTFS have been included. aircrack has been updated. IceWM and wman have been fixed. The dma, readahead, and custom-noram cheatcodes have been added. Scripts to download a Web development environment and the client have also been included.

          •  27 Nov 2004 16:14

            Release Notes: Wakeonlan, a tool to send Wake-on-LAN packets, has been included, and aMSN and Arno's firewall script have been updated. A custom resolution option has been added, memory usage and hard drive boot time have been reduced slightly, and some small changes have been made to mplayer. It has been made possible to add users while running from a CD.

            Recent comments

            02 Dec 2004 13:02 thomp

            feather linux 0.6.2
            After trying out other thin clients (pxes, thinstation) as a means of quickly having an "X terminal", I ended up at feather linux. Nice and small and has the necessaries for secure X connections through ssh. The aesthetic tastes of the author are certainly not mine but the distribution is:

            1) small - easy to use as a ramdisk

            2) functional - takes well under 5 min. to be up and running -- X11 works fine, device autodection works great, ssh works fine, etc.


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