Version 0.0.6 of Find Duplicate Music Files

Release Notes: Some checks were added to detect whether required sub-programs exist and can be executed.

Other releases

  •  27 Feb 2010 22:05

Release Notes: This release fixes major bugs. The mplayer command line was modified. The code was slightly reorganized. The makefile was modified to work with FreeBSD's default header and library locations.

  •  29 Oct 2006 20:34

Release Notes: A minor correction to the README.

  •  18 Jan 2006 23:35

Release Notes: The syntax used for executing mplayer was updated to work with recent (1.0pre7try2-3.3.6) versions.

  •  24 Apr 2005 13:54

Release Notes: This release adds support for the newest Mplayer version's command line syntax. By default, it will only print the names of duplicated files if both files still exist on the system.

  •  13 Mar 2005 18:50

Release Notes: This release, 0.0.9n, uses Mplayer as a decoder for the various audio file formats. Now fdmf can detect that a pair of files contain the same music even if they are in different formats including any combination of MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, M4A, and Realaudio. This release also fixes some minor bugs.


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