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python-fchksum is a module used to find checksums of files (or stdin). It supports md5, crc32, cksum, bsd-style sum, and sysv-style sum. The advantage of using fchksum over the Python md5 and zlib(.crc32) modules is both ease of use and speed. You only need to tell it the filename, and the work is done by C code.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2003 07:39

    Release Notes: This version fixes compile on non-C99 compilers.

    •  24 Aug 2003 04:28

      Release Notes: New progress callback function ability, new fcrc32d and fcksumd functions which return results in the form of a binary string, and removal of stdio usage.

      •  17 Apr 2002 22:41

        Release Notes: Fixes to checking for read() errors in md5 and crc32 functions, and a new testcase for read errors (requires SUBTERFUGUE).

        •  19 Oct 2001 06:14

          Release Notes:

          •  18 Oct 2001 06:26

            Release Notes: cksum(1) and sum(1) style checksums, and a speed test script were added. read() is used instead of fread() for a minor speed boost.


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