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  •  06 Oct 2012 02:32

Release Notes: MS Word (*.doc) format support was added. Library scanning speed was optimized. An issue with duplicate books was fixed. New Norwegian, Serbian, and Turkish localizations were added.

  •  12 Jun 2011 16:16

Release Notes: Text selection. Traditional Chinese localization.

  •  05 Apr 2011 03:29

Release Notes: Curl scrolling animation (like iBooks), an animation speed option, configurable actions for the Back button (short and long pressing), different colors for visited/not visited links, fixes for SlovoEd dictionary integration, Hyphenation patterns for Dutch, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Polish, and miscellaneous fixes.

  •  11 Mar 2011 11:11

    Release Notes: A new application icon was added. A Thai localization was added. TTF font style detection was fixed. Support for opds:// URLs has been implemented. An unexpected search call has been fixed. Custom OPDS link search was fixed. Periodical update of custom links information has been added. Epub rendering issues (like unexpected paragraph ends) were fixed. Multi-body fb2 file processing has been fixed. "Back button menu" is now optional. In LitRes, there are several views for purchased books.

    •  17 Feb 2011 22:32

    Release Notes: Book/position remembering has been fixed. Categories displaying in the FeedBooks feed has been fixed.

    •  17 Feb 2011 22:32

    Release Notes: Support for more dictionaries has been added. The option 'show status bar when menu becomes visible' has been added. New features in LitRes.RU library support: series list and recommendations.

    •  17 Feb 2011 22:32

    Release Notes: Mobipocket images/cover/links support has been added. A Galician translation has been added. The Czech translation has been updated.

    •  30 Jan 2011 07:29

    Release Notes: ColorDict3 support (dictionary in a floating window) was improved. Full-size image view has been added, which works like a dictionary but for images, not words. Scrolling speed was improved for large books. Pressing the cancel button shows a menu of actions. Czech and Vietnamese translations have been updated.

    •  22 Jan 2011 12:21

    Release Notes: Wallpaper support has been implemented. New high resolution, 2.3 compliant menu icons were added. OTF font file support has been added. Double tap is disabled by default. To view the menu, tap in the bottom-central part of the screen and to view the navigation dialog, tap the top-central part of the screen. A 'Books by title' branch was added in the library.

    Release Notes: SVG images in EPUBs are supported. Relative link processing in epub files has been fixed. A list of dictionaries is supported. The author of the currently opened book is selected in the library. FB2 files with multiple XLink namespace prefixes processing has been fixed. A Dutch localization has been added.


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