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26 Feb 2010 10:17 KevinRoy

Dear FBReader developers, could you provide some comments and help documentation? I want to research it .
My google Talk is,I hope you can enlighten,thank you!

27 Jan 2010 04:11 rtseng7

What's your plan to add network libraries integration ?

25 Nov 2009 18:54 geometer

woodyword: sufficient part of fbreader (including book model/presentation engine) is platform-independent, so I think it is relatively simple to make an j2me port. I'm not sure about the speed: j2me is much slower than android machine.

There is no docs, sorry. Please ask any questions in our google group (named fbreader).

25 Nov 2009 10:23 woodyword

Hi, I am thinking about writing an epub reader for Java ME, and I thought I could use FBReaderJ as a basis. However it seems that it is too tightly coupled to Android.
Do you think it is feasible to do it? If so, how would you go about it? Are there any design docs about FBReaderJ that I could use?

22 Oct 2009 00:32 aslocum1976

This is really the best and FASTEST ebook reader on android so far. one thing: i would really like to have a button so that i can rotate the screen, or in preferences a option to stick to a specific mode (portrait or landscape). currently i can only read in Portrait or Auto Rotation, and Auto Rotation sucks (sorry..). When reading in bed lying sideways Auto Rotation changes orientation very often.

13 Jun 2009 09:25 loya

Please support txt files!

08 Jun 2009 01:12 geometer

michael: fixed, now it is available from the market

03 Jun 2009 07:32 michaelolson

Any reason this isn't in the Android marketplace? I hunted around in the marketplace for quite a while looking for an eBook reader; after downloading two disappointments decided there must be nothing out there. Then I stumbled on this!

While I was initially disappointed by the lack of native support for a wider variety of formats, I found that after I paired this on my phone with calibre on my desktop (for handling format conversions and metadata) I had the best possible portable eBook reader I could ask for. This trumps Stanza, which I was using on my iPod, and also Mobipocket Reader, which I was using on my Windows Mobile device.

Thank goodness you're out there, or I would have had to keep my iPod around just to read books.

24 May 2009 10:35 geometer

cytown: could you please send me the modified code? (geometer-at-fbreader-dot-org)

10 May 2009 23:45 cytown

Good project and I just modified some code to make it support txt file and Chinese code, would you like to check it?


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