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25 Dec 2010 00:11 _FeDeX_

geometer: Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I used your guidelines and was able to compile the native code in the project. Should I now exclude the native build target from the ant build.xml ? The same question regarding the /, which does not seem to be executed in windows without modifiactions (Python interpreter is installed). It would be very helpful, if you could provide your version of the build.xml, that works in Windows, preceeded by native code compilation with Cygwin.

23 Dec 2010 15:00 geometer


22 Dec 2010 18:47 _FeDeX_

I am having troubles building the project using the build.xml in eclipse under Windows 7. I have installed the NDK and fixed the paths to SDK and NDK in the
sdk.dir=C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Android\\android-sdk-windows
Unfortunately I get the following error trying to build the project using ant:


D:\Setup\Android\FBReaderJ-sources-0.7.17\FBReaderJ-sources-0.7.17\build.xml:22: Execute failed: Cannot run program "D:\Java\Android\NDK\android-ndk-r5\ndk-build" (in directory "D:\Setup\Android\FBReaderJ-sources-0.7.17\FBReaderJ-sources-0.7.17"): CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application

I cannot figure out how to use the ndk-build in ant through cygwin as well.

Any ideas?

05 Dec 2010 01:42 boxerab

Git repo link isn't working. Any ideas on how to find source repo?


15 May 2010 09:52 geometer

nagunak: look at + build.xml in the sources archive :)

14 May 2010 18:09 nagunak

geometer, is that python + ant script available, would you be able to email it to me at nagunak at gmail

14 May 2010 14:34 geometer

nagunak, this file should be generated automatically by android tools. We don't use Eclipse, just a simple script in python + ant.

13 May 2010 17:08 nagunak


I am using Eclipse with the Andoid ADT to compile and build your project, however I am getting an error in the following line:
"import;" in many packages. It simply does not find the quoted package. Is it somehow missing in the source?

Thanks in advance for your help.

08 Mar 2010 19:31 kareljansens

Would it really be that hard to provide a generic Java version of FBRreaderj -- one that doesn't require an Android phone? I have an LG Viewty, and would like to read the occasional ebook on that phone, but cannotfind a usable Java ereader app (Mobipocket Java is plainly horrible).

02 Mar 2010 02:43 KevinRoy

I can not understand the "openBookInternal(Book book, Bookmark bookmark) "function in the FBReader class;


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