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  •  03 Mar 2010 07:44

Release Notes: The viewing of ePub files from has been fixed.

  •  23 Feb 2010 20:16

Release Notes: This version is a bugfix for Windows platform only. A bug with relative link to images in ePub files has been fixed. An authorization on the site has been fixed.

Release Notes: The ePub format support has been improved: better CSS support has been implemented; the images in an <svg> tag are now visible; a bug in the unzip code has been fixed. Integration with network e-libraries was improved: authorization has been implemented for FeedBooks and Shucang sites. Full localizations for Dutch, Hungarian, and Spanish have been added.

  •  29 Jan 2010 21:42

Release Notes: An annoying bug in the Windows version has been fixed: in FBReader 0.12.1, a closing of the main window didn't finish the application. Localizations for Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, and Ukrainian have been fixed.

  •  14 Dec 2009 01:19

    Release Notes: Integration with has been improved. A link for signing up has been added. Browsing by authors and by genres has been added. Scrolling preferences have been simplified. Tap scrolling has been fixed. Lithuanian localization has been added. Open file dialog behaviour has been fixed (in the GTK+ version). A crash on some Mobipocket files has been fixed.

    •  06 Dec 2009 21:47

      Release Notes: A Windows version is available again. There is a new look for the FBReader library, and better integration with network libraries. For LitRes (Russian e-library) it is possible to purchase books. Chinese localization has been added. Image scaling has been implemented. There is better encoding/language detection. Arabic and Indonesian patterns are back.

      •  20 Oct 2009 15:41

        Release Notes: A crash on the amd64 platform has been fixed. A new protocol is now used for communication with the library. Miscellaneous UI bugs have been fixed.

        •  14 Oct 2009 11:39

          Release Notes: The support for has been updated: a new atom-based protocol is now used. The ability to delete book files from the disk has been added. A bug with selection in the GTK version has been fixed. A Debian repository for the amd64 platform is now available.

          •  27 Sep 2009 09:19

          Release Notes: Support for the eReader (Peanut reader) book format has been added. Mobipocket support has been improved. A German localization has been added. Information about books (like title, author name, and language) is now stored in SQLite database files instead of the old books.xml file. An interaction with the online library has been fixed.

          •  30 Mar 2009 17:26

            Release Notes: A conflict between hyperlink clicks and touch scrolling has been fixed. In Maemo versions, empty menu items have been hidden. In Maemo 2/3 versions, conflicts in package descriptions have been fixed.


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