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FastTemplate is a PHP3 class for managing template files and performing variable interpolation. It is a strict port of Jason Moore's Perl module CGI::FastTemplate. Its primary use is to separate HTML and PHP code, making your PHP code cleaner.


Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2009 16:49

    Release Notes: An error is returned for capture when the template filename is empty. The template path may now be rewritten to account for differences between the authoring environment and the deployment environment.

    •  05 Feb 2008 15:02

      Release Notes: The documentation style was rewritten to be much cleaner.

      •  28 Jun 2006 06:55

        Release Notes: Documentation now is in the DOCS directory, and was improved. The rewrite_link_href_callback, rewrite_src_path, set_output_rewrite_src_path, and pre_filter functions were added. JS, CSS, and img src from a template are rewritten to a custom path. All instances of src="template_path/file" found in the document are rewritten, which is very helpful when you want to edit the work template in a visual editor without any connection to the script path that will invoke the work template output content. FastWrite and FastPrint were improved.

        •  29 Mar 2005 22:01

          Release Notes: A DELETE_CACHE function to delete files older than the expire time. A file extension to cache: for example, now a cache file name will be md5name.ft. This was necessary because of DELETE_CACHE. An include block that includes another template using a statement (like SSI do) <!--#include file="include2.html"-->. It is useful if you have several different templates for different parts of a page, and you dont need to write any PHP code to gather all "blocks" of the page.

          •  16 Feb 2005 14:21

            Release Notes: The FastTemplate::parse_and_return($template_name) method was added. The FastTemplate::get_root() method, which returns the root template dir, was added. Support for template comments was added. Support for inline dynamic blocks was added. Support for accessing object fields using get() or getId() methods from templates was added. The FastTemplate::define() method now supports array, name, and value as parameters. FastTemplate::assign_from_array($array, $keys) was added. Template variables are assigned from the associated array with the same name.

            Recent comments

            08 Sep 2004 06:07 lvalics

            Re: Download only for registered Users :(
            You can download from ...
            Also there need a subscribtion.
            Newsletter is an option (optional) ...

            Also what we get original Fast Template, was Artistic License, not GPL.

            Hope this help.

            08 Sep 2004 05:32 modul

            Download only for registered Users :(
            You can *only* download this package if you create a Account on her Website. They want to know more as necessary (complete adress). And you will recive her Newsletter by Default. You need also to agree her Terms &amp; Condition:

            They change the original GPL License to Artistic License.

            I don't like to give my private data to a company only to *test* a free product!


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