Version 2.3 of Fanurio

Release Notes: A new templates module that can handle HTML, Microsoft Word 2007, and OpenOffice OpenDocument files was added. Clients can now be filtered by their status and invoices by payment date. Time entries can be searched by description. Dutch and Portuguese are now supported. There were also other improvements and bugfixes.

    Other releases

    •  03 Apr 2014 12:49

    Release Notes: "Not Fully Invoiced" shows new billable tasks. A firewall warning is now shown on OS X. A failure to import contacts from Contacts on OS X 10.9 was fixed. Missing invoice.mileageItems and invoice.mileageItemsSubtotal placeholders were added. A failure to set a filter configuration for tasks was fixed. Upgrading to the latest version when an item and its catalog item were of different types (e.g. a product item that used an expense catalog item) was fixed. A memory leak that occurred when a project was opened and then closed was fixed

    •  05 Dec 2013 01:48

    Release Notes: Tasks can be used to manage work and track time. Users can customize the interface and hide optional fields that are not relevant to them. Expenses record money spent for a project. Billable expenses can be billed at their actual cost or marked up. Trips can be used to record the distance and time traveled with a vehicle. Distances can be tracked in miles, kilometers or both. Products can be used to bill goods and services that are neither tasks nor expenses. Date range invoices. Non-billable projects. Non-project invoices. New time, tasks and sales reports.

    •  09 Jul 2013 19:37

    Release Notes: A new sidebar makes it easier to switch between views. Time can be rounded for each time entry. Payment terms can be specified for each client. Table columns have been improved. Other improvements and bugfixes have been added.

    •  25 May 2013 13:55

    Release Notes: Failures to start with Java 5 and if global hotkeys were enabled were fixed. An issue where time entry descriptions were not available when displaying them grouped by date in the invoice template was fixed. The template editor now correctly saves templates containing Freemarker code. The dialog used to create and edit new Timesheet Import configurations is now scrollable so it can fit on any screen. Issues with Java 7 on Mac OS X were fixed along with Windows 8 problems. On Linux, xdg-open is now used instead of gnome-open to open files, folders, and URLs.

    •  07 Nov 2012 22:46

    Release Notes: Import time from any Web, desktop, or mobile application that exports it as a CSV file. Use multiple timers to track time. Redesigned timer reminders. Many user interface improvements. Other improvements and bugfixes. Pricing and Availability.


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    An NCurses-based Direct Connect client.


    Project Spotlight

    NetStats Baseball

    A simulation of major league baseball.