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Familiar Linux Distribution

The Familiar Project is composed of a group of loosely knit developers all contributing to creating the next generation of PDA OS. Currently, most of our development time is being put towards producing a stable, and full featured Linux distribution for the Compaq/HP iPAQ series of handheld computers, as well as apps to run on top of the distribution.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jun 2004 08:05

    Release Notes: This release improves hardware support on all supported models and also serves as an updated install base for all familiar packages applications and environments. GPE is now based on GTK 2.2, and the Bitstream Vera fonts are now shipped by default.

    •  17 Jul 2003 18:12

      Release Notes: The kernel has been updated, ipaq h3900 added, GPE updated to 2.0, OPIE updated to 0.99, many bugs fixed, and the installer improved.

      •  10 Jan 2003 04:41

        Release Notes: Fixes for missing OPIE files.

        •  26 Oct 2002 06:55

          Release Notes: This release uses busybox to its decrease size, and allows GPE and OPIE images to be distributed. The GPE login manager now allows non-root logins, ipkg was upgraded to support many new features (including Provides, Conflicts, and Replaces) and to check dependences before removing packages. Bluez was also upgraded to version 2.x.

          •  30 Sep 2002 01:11

            Release Notes: ipkg supports Provides, Conflicts, and Replaces now, as well as checking dependences before removing packages. This release uses busybox for more compact basic Linux utilities. This release contains OPIE as one of the graphical interface choices. GPE, a GTK based environment, is also available in bootstrap images. The GPE login manager allows creation of and login on non-root accounts. A bluez 2.x snapshot is also included.


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