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FakeBO fakes trojan server responses (Back Orifice, NetBus, etc.) and logs every attempt to a logfile, stdout/stderr or syslog. It is able to send fake pings and replies back to the client which is trying to access your system.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Jun 1999 08:44

    Release Notes: Fixed potential buffer overflow, build on libc5, RealBO improvement, more verbose logging, out-of-the-tar support for rpm, added hex dump of packets and now compiles on Cygwin.

    •  14 May 1999 03:52

      Release Notes: We have switched to CVS for development, added ignorehost option, added RealBO(tm) fake server (responses like Windows BO server), ported to BeOS, QNX and more UNIX flavours (using more native compilers), very optimized cracking routine, very resistable to various DoS attacks (security update), and it runs more secure, i.e. drops privileges if run as root, fixed fork bug and more.

      •  23 Feb 1999 21:57

        Release Notes: Added option to crack encrypted BO packets and to log the encryption key that has been used. Minor cosmetic changes and minor bug fixes.

        •  16 Feb 1999 11:46

          Release Notes: Fixed buffer overflow, it is now resistant to nmap tcp syn stealth port scan. It should be more resistant to various flooding and a minor syslog bug has been fixed.

          •  31 Jan 1999 22:32

            Release Notes: Added NetBus support, added daemon mode, better plug-in support, Y2K compliant, added man page, DEC Alpha bug fix, some minor bug fixes and cosmetic hanges. See changelog for complete list.


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