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Faith is a cross-platform C++ graphical application toolkit. It runs natively on Linux/Unix (Xlib) and Windows. It has an API strongly inspired by Qt's and has many features that are expected from a modern toolkit, including a variety of common "widgets", an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and the many critical non-portable components such as anti-aliasing and sockets.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Oct 2007 00:34

    Release Notes: This version, the first released under the LGPLv3, adds a few new major features. The socket classes now support IPv6. There is now a URL parsing class, support for drawing translucent pictures, affine transformations, and numerous bugfixes.

    •  13 Jun 2007 07:31

      Release Notes: This release fixes numerous behavior flaws and cleans up code throughout. Most of the changes are in the event loop; events from sockets and timers are cleaned up, and the Linux event loop handler uses the poll() system call. Also, the socket class's behavior is much more similar between Linux and Win32.

      •  27 Apr 2007 06:39

        Release Notes: This release fixes numerous bugs and improves behavior. It also adds copyright headers everywhere. Some of the changes include a much faster Win32 event loop, thread safety for slots and signals, and the ability to delete an object from within its own slots or signals.

        •  23 Dec 2006 02:25

          Release Notes: This release introduces support for ARGB Visuals on X11, making it the first high-level toolkit that permits true alpha blended windows with the X Composite extension.

          •  21 Dec 2006 08:00

            Release Notes: This release adds symbol visibility for the Clipboard class, fixes an infinite loop when using the X11 build with GUI disabled, removes an obsolete debug cerr, and actually makes use of normalized slot and signal names. It also adds a small new feature, an obscured LineEdit for password.


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