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  •  09 Sep 2009 13:43

Release Notes: The inode number is checked for rotation in addition to checking the first line of the file. The shutdown of the logging subsystem was moved out of Server.quit() to the end of Server.start(). This fixes the "cannot release un-acquired lock" error. The "Ban IP" command was added. Two new filters were added: lighttpd-fastcgi and php-url-fopen. The "unexpected communication error" problem was fixed by means of use_poll=False in Python 2.6 and later. Many more changes were made.

  •  18 Jul 2008 13:22

Release Notes: failtickets are processed as long as failmanager is not empty. The "pam-generic" filter and more configuration fixes were added. The PID file while started in daemon mode was fixed. The "fail2ban-client get jail logpath" was fixed. The gssftpd filter was added. The "Day/Month/Year Hour:Minute:Second" date template was added. ignoreregex processing was fixed in fail2ban-client. The ISO 8601 date/time format was added. Some logging levels and messages were added and changed. Poll is used instead of select in asyncore.loop. This should solve the "Unknown error 514".

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