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Faerion IRC Server

Faerion is a Unicode-based IRC server. It features enhanced support and transparent conversion for different charsets, and provides a stealth network model, persistent channels, compressed links, etc.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2002 01:59

    Release Notes: This version includes minor bugfixes, and major privacy improvements (opers are no longer able to see secret channels, etc). In a security update, passwords were changed from simple MD5 to FreeSec format. Charset conversion tables no longer need to be compiled and are used in the original form. Makefiles are much cleaner and more sane for all platforms.

    •  03 Aug 2002 15:27

      Release Notes: This version has completely new start-up code, which affected the Win32 version the most; it now runs as an NT Service. Commandline syntax has changed-- a lot of deprecated and unsupported options were removed, and some new ones were added. Logging was also improved, and syslog is supported again (EventLog is used under NT). A number of small bugs were also fixed.

      •  14 Jul 2002 18:54

      Release Notes: A SILENCE token has been added to numeric 005. Almost all hard-coded configuration options have been replaced with an enhanced ircd.conf syntax. Split-ops are no longer allowed for opless persistent channels.

      •  11 Jul 2002 16:06

      Release Notes: This release supports unicode (and recoding to any charset). It compiles both on Unix and Win32.


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