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FACHODA Complex is a fast 3D game for X11 with network support. It has soft rendering, but is still quite fast.

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  •  10 Mar 2012 00:21

    Release Notes: An improved flight model (more engine power; can now loop and stall). Reworked keyboard controls. If you previously redefined your keys you must delete your $(HOME)/.fachoda-keys and redefine them again. Displays in-game messages longer. Makes the game menu easier to use. Adds small dots on the ground as a visual indication that it's near. Makes the game playable from the source directory. Adds a caption to some views. Allows you to exit the game by closing the window or Ctrl+C. Suppresses frightening but harmless error messages. Fixes many small bugs here and there.

    •  21 Feb 2012 00:57

      Release Notes: This is the first update after more than ten years. It's now playable on today's hardware, with sound. Many small bugs have been fixed. There's no more network play (it was buggy beyond repair) and no more x86 assembly, for portability.

      •  07 Nov 2001 11:43

      Release Notes: The source code is now available. Some planes were added.

      •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

        Release Notes: Initial release.


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