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07 Nov 2004 02:49 hansjuergen

Re: Knowledge Base/Wiki page about FAAC
And now clickable... FAAC Wiki page (

07 Nov 2004 02:45 hansjuergen

Re: Licenses
A summary with more links and excerpts from the official overview of the MPEG-4 standard as well as related FAQs of the AAC license pool administrator Via is available here:

License Information (

26 Sep 2004 07:23 hansjuergen

Re: Dependencies
I also added some Freshmeat projects as optional dependencies that use other or no AAC codecs at all (IBM Toolkit, Apple QuickTime and iTunes, Real/Helix Player and Producer), because they are nevertheless related to FAAC or FAAD2 and could use them in the context of the MPEG-4 standard. That way you'll get an overview of their download links on one page.

24 Sep 2004 02:33 hansjuergen

Knowledge Base/Wiki page about FAAC
A user documentation about FAAC with recommended settings, resulting bitrates of the VBR quality mode, compatibility and so on is available in the Wiki of

If you don't know some of the abbreviations used there, you should click on the related Wiki links for more, e.g. to AAC, MP4, HE AAC, LTP, TNS etc. There's also a page for FAAD2 and of course a forum where you can ask about anything related to these codecs.

24 Sep 2004 02:09 hansjuergen

The codecs are released under different licenses: while FAAC and FAAD (the outdated first release of the decoder) use the LGPL, FAAD2 is GPL. For more information see the homepage and/or the Readme files in the source code package or CVS, also about patent issues related to the AAC format.

21 Sep 2004 05:26 hansjuergen

Supported file extensions
The supported file formats mentioned in the project description include the following file extensions:

*.aac (ADTS AAC or raw AAC without headers)

*.mp4 (MPEG-4 container format for multimedia files with video, audio and other tracks)

*.m4a (MPEG-4 AAC in a MP4 container)

*.m4b (same as *.m4a, for bookmarkable audio files with speech content)

21 Sep 2004 01:23 hansjuergen

Please read the "Dependencies" section as a reference to other Freshmeat projects that have implemented either FAAC, FAAD2 or both codecs in their application or for which at least a plugin exists.

As it's not possible to edit each of these project pages in order to add the codecs under their "Dependencies" section, I chose to add them here, so there's a direct link to click on, although it's not 100% correct and rather the other way round.

20 Sep 2004 01:09 hansjuergen

Re: verbose project description

> They have been implemented in open

> source and commercial projects like...

Forgot to mention the open source projects GPAC (MPEG-4 Systems player and file muxer) and DReaM (DRM receiver/transmitter)...

19 Sep 2004 07:23 hansjuergen

verbose project description
Since the full description of the FAAC project had to be shortened by the site admins, I'll post it as a comment, also added some more apps that use the codecs:

"The FAAC project includes the open source AAC encoder FAAC and decoder FAAD2 supporting several MPEG-4 object types (LC, Main, LTP for FAAC plus HE AAC and PS for FAAD2) and file formats (ADTS AAC, raw AAC, MP4), VBR, multichannel and gapless en/decoding as well as MP4 metadata tagging.

The codecs are compatible with standard-compliant audio applications using one or more of these profiles, e.g QuickTime / iTunes / iPod, RealPlayer / RealProducer, Winamp, Digital Radio Mondiale, web radio stations and others.

They have been implemented in open source and commercial projects like XMMS, MPlayer, Xine, VLC, ffmpeg, GStreamer, MPEG4IP, xmcd, grip, gmerlin, mpd, foobar2000, Winamp (external plugins), CoolEdit / Adobe Audition, dBpowerAMP, CDex, Nero (decoder), 3ivx (encoder) or the online record label Magnatune."


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