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Ezmlm Mailing List Manager Class

Ezmlm mailing list manager class is a PHP class to create and manage mailing lists with ezmlm. It features display of a table that shows lists already created, listing of local and domain parts as well as the number of current subscribers, creation and alteration of list properties, alteration of list automatic message texts, and support for list virtual hosts. It comes with a SOAP server interface to handle remote requests to subscribe and unsubscribe users, count subscribers, and verify if an address is already subscribed.

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Release Notes: An HTTP SOAP server class to handle requests for the commands: count subscribers, verify a subscriber, and subscribe/unsubscribe an address.

  •  26 Mar 2001 02:57

    Release Notes: Support to split mailing list listing display in pages with navigation links to go between them, support to display the number of subscribers of each listand support to specify the highlight color of the listing table rows when the mouse is over them have been added, and some locale texts for Brazilian Portuguese have been fixed.

    Release Notes: Initial announcement.


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