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Release Notes: This release fixed the notice error distribution_name in drupal_install_profile_distribution_name() and included security fixes from the latest Drupal version. It also added Gmap with a node location filter type, a moderation module, an image CAPTCHA module, a site-wide contact form, site forum, removed the admin approval requirement for registration of new users, enabled update checking, made forum topics go in the moderation queue by default, and made site comments require an image CAPTCHA.

Release Notes: The code from version 2.x has been completely removed and replaced with a Drupal core. An installation profile is created to easily install this distribution.

  •  23 Sep 2002 08:24

Release Notes: A problem which sometimes prevented logout from working was fixed. Paging was fixed for contents, subcontents and diray pages. imagepicker.php was fixed so that it works properly with register_global set to "off".

  •  26 Jun 2002 07:13

Release Notes: All files were updated for PHP 4.2.0. The frameset is now reloaded after browsing directly to a contents page. Image maintenance allows now the deletion of folders, and some improvements have been made to upload. A fix was made for menus losing their place when calling modules from a sub-menu. Modules didn't consider the fact that the right column can be enabled. In search.php, there was an exit() function that didn't close the table properly, and pressing enter didn't give the search results. A new Dutch transation was added.

  •  17 Apr 2002 04:04

Release Notes: A new default theme has been added to the install script. Bugs fixed in this release include double frames after changing a user, an error when showing modules, "Top HTML:" not working, the link to target frame not working, the column separator image being stretched, the "Top-menu:" link opening in a new window, a JavaScript error on menu item hover, [pagelink] to a page with no body, [grouplist] tag bypassing security, and refreshing the screen when changing passwords.

Release Notes: The new features in this release include site-level changes, multiple sites on a single MySQL database, and a change from cookies to sessions to comply with new EU regulations concerning unsolicited storage of data on client PCs. There is now an optional top-level menu in the header bar, along with optional user status information (login, logout, preferences, membership list). Content can now be split into two columns in the content display.

  •  03 Jan 2002 10:40

Release Notes: Various hacks and fixes have been implemented in this release. An apostrophe bug that prevented the updating of contents was fixed. The search form, the logout button in the admin section, and the "What's new" page were added.

  •  01 Jul 2001 17:12

Release Notes: Reversing Edit/Del button descriptions, adding an ALT tag to the images, addition of style="margin:0" to the body tag in the stylesheet for Netscape compatiblity, adjustments to the template, a fix for defining border="0" twice in the banners, the width and height of the banner images are not defined in case you want to use another size for your banners, and a fix for July appearing twice in the contents admin.

  •  20 May 2001 12:16

Release Notes: The admin section was improved. HTML code is now allowed for banners. The image on the homepage and the details page can now be different. Background images can be repeated. The style of the links is now customizable. The menu frame width and top frame height are now adjustable. Banners on the bottom of the page are allowed, and menus are now expandable. Some small bug fixes were made.

  •  02 May 2001 10:31

Release Notes: This release features banner management with impression and click-through counting, adjustable fonts and sizes, mouse-over images for menus, and background images for menu, top, and content. The header can now be an image. Showing a menu or submenu is now an option. Content can be ordered by orderid, date published, or date modified. Page IDs were added to make crosslinks possible. Site title, meta description, and keywords tags are now maintainable.


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