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Release Notes: This release adds new functions to eZ forum. Threading can be toggled on or off by the user, there are visual indications for new messages. eZ article has a new site map function and more information about files which are attached to articles. Better access controls have been implemented, with the option of creating root users. Several bug fixes. This is hopefully the last beta before the final 2.1.0 release.

Release Notes: Two new modules were added: eZ sysinfo and eZ urltranslator. Several bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds two new modules, eZ mail and eZ bulkmail. A new, faster admin interface has been added. The need for symlinks has been removed. This release contains speed optimisations for ini file reading, and numerous bug fixes.

Release Notes: Version 2.0 introduces several new modules, better integration between existing and new modules, and a lot of feature enhancements to the existing modules. Highlights are: better permission handling, a vastly improved eZ trade module for online shops, installation tips and instructions for several different OSes and distros.

  •  09 Mar 2001 16:50

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  05 Mar 2001 17:26

Release Notes: Lots of documentation has been uploaded to the site for this release. The install manual now covers Cobalt RAQ 3 installation and rewrites in .htaccess as well as the age-old method. This release adds better emails to forum moderators (now you'll actually get a link to the new posting), printable version in admin, eZObjectPermission to eZimagecatalogue and eZfilemanager, forums which accept anonymous posters, a new permission system to eZ article, eZ image catalogue, and eZ file manager, and support for multicolumn option value descriptions in eZ trade. Bugfixes have been made around the board. Debian users can find Debian packages for a lot of stuff under contributions in the file manager. The calculation of alternative currencies with 4 decimal points has been fixed, as has eZImage variation creation to avoid race conditions.

  •  27 Feb 2001 04:11

Release Notes: VAT, shipping, alternative currency and different prices for different logins on eZ trade have been added. Major fixes were made to eZ forum, the preview of posts, and user editing and deletion of posts. The permissions in eZ contact have been fixed. Read and write permissions on eZ article have been added. Some cache code and a lot of bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Fixes for several bugs in the new modules, and lots that didn't work now work.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

Release Notes: This release merges eZ trade with eZ publish. It adds about, ad, address, bug tracking, calendar, contact, file and image upload, newsfeed, statistics, and todo modules. The new functions are cookieless sessions, absolute positioning of products and articles, a choosable sort mode for article and product categories, previous/next paging of article and product lists (admin and user), RSS headlines, forum moderation with assignment of moderator, notification when articles are published, file uploads on articles, dynamic updating of menus with static pages, file upload to eZ article, and word wrap of message replies in eZ forum. It features nicer looking replies, new tags in articles (bullet lists/includes of php files), preferred layout for users, product types which let products aquire certain attributes which can be used for product comparision, floating images, and a hot deals list for products.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

Release Notes: Speed was improved by 20-50% due to more efficient ini file reading. A Turkish translation was added, as well as a tree list in linkedit and groupedit. The article search was fixed, as well as a bug which occurred when changing the linkcatalog.


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