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  •  14 May 2004 02:11

Release Notes: This version adds Unicode support, the ability to add images (APIC frames), a "relaxed" mode to be more forgiving of tags which violate the ID3 spec, the ability to set any text frame, the ability to remove all comments, better handling and conversion of date frames, an output format per JEP 0118, and numerous bug fixes.

  •  07 Jun 2003 22:01

Release Notes: This version features ID3 2.x saving. The driver/sample program is much more complete, allowing for most common tag operations such as tag display, editing, removal, etc. There is now complete access to all artist and title frames (i.e. TPE* and TIT*), full 2.4 date support (i.e. TDRC), case insensitive genres and compression fixes, ExtendedHeader support, including CRC checksums, frame groups support, syncsafe integer conversion bugfixes, bugfixes related to data length indicator bytes, and genre and many other bugfixes.

  •  10 Nov 2002 18:46

Release Notes: The ability to save tags in ID3 v1.x format has been added. Deletion of v1 and v2 frames from the file has been added. Zlib frame data decompression is now working. bin/eyeD3 now displays user text frames, MP3 copyright and originality, URLs, all comments, and images. Using the --write-images arg will write each APIC image data to disk. eyeD3.isMp3File(), Tag.clear(), Tag.getImages(), Tag.getURLs(), Tag.getCDID(), FrameSet.removeFrame(),, and ImageFrame.writeFile() have been added. bin/eyeD3 has been modified to grok non MP3 files. An ImageFrame MIME type problem and picture type scoping problems have been fixed.

  •  22 Oct 2002 00:33

Release Notes: APIC frame support, mp3 header decoding (including Xing VBR information), more tag structure abstactions, and bugfixes.


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